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dizzweb GmbH | Munich

Partner for Software and Web Development

  • Dashboards
  • API-Clients
  • Data Integrations

Cost Efficient support in implementing your ideas

  • uncomplicated
  • professional
  • fair

In all our services, we value long-term support and intuitive user interfaces. Feel free to reach out if you need support with an IT project.

Our Team

  • Young
  • Agile
  • Flexible
  • Personal

Professional development team for over 20 clients | We are students from Munich and Zurich, develop software with passion and look forward to new challenges! Our approach is personal and uncomplicated.

"The team at dizzweb has exceptional expertise and has done excellent work"

Ruven Heuberger, Co-Founder of eQuotNow

I need an interface to a specific software. How can dizzweb assist with this?



Our team has extensive experience in developing and integrating interfaces for various applications. We analyze your existing systems and work out a seamless integration of the desired interface to optimize and automate your business processes.

What makes dizzweb different from other software development companies?



dizzweb stands out through personal and uncomplicated collaboration. We offer not only technical solutions but also long-term partnership and support. Our young, agile team specializes in cost-efficient and professional implementations, tailored specifically to our customers' needs.

How quickly can dizzweb develop a custom application?



The development time can vary, depending on the complexity of the application and your specific requirements. We use agile development methods to deliver results quickly and efficiently, providing regular updates and prototypes to ensure the final product meets your expectations.